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. . Either way, I'd like for my work to speak for itself.

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Lifelong musician with a unique flair. Once a drummer, I turned tragedy into opportunity. Find out more info on my artistic view of the world.


Search Engine Optimization is a fascinating field. Check out how I can help boost your rankings with creative copy, keyword research and a careful attention to detail. 

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I am a person who enjoys helping other people. This may be a rather plain statement but has guided me professionally. Learn more about my philosophy regarding customer service.

Combine these skillsets 

Combine these skillsets and a unique voice begins to emerge. A perspective gained thanks to each respective discipline. Music, tech and customer service may be viewed as three conflicting arenas. I cannot argue against this enough.


Had I not known taken up music so young, I'd have never learned patience. Patience was needed to advance within the realms of tech and customer service. Tech knowledge helped me advance my solo work as a musician and made me more efficient at serving each customer I encounter. The methods of troubleshooting I have learned via customer service provide me with a framework of how to 'repair' things. This can mean physically repairing things like a broken amp, or mending a b2b relationship after a misunderstanding. It's all inter-connected and helps in facets of life outside of work too! 

That said, how can help you?