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The Case For Buying Used Gear

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

The Case For Buying Used Gear

A Ding Or Scratch .. Who Cares?

Used Gear

Don’t Go Down The Rabbit Hole (Too Much)

The case for buying used gear: When I can avoid it, I never buy new gear. I always go used. Sure, it has burned me a few times. However, I don’t think there have been any real defects that didn’t come from the Factory.

When Moog introduced the dfam (Drummer from Another Mother) I immediately bought one. Stupid move. It was $600. Two months later, I bought a used Mother 32 on reverb for $450. Both work flawlessly. Lesson learned, buy used.

Aside from my experience with the DFAM, I have found it extremely beneficial to go used. Another example; I really wanted to get my hands on a Volca Sample but at the time the asking price of $190 just wasn’t feasible. It didn’t need to be, though, because after only a bit of hunting I was able to find a used one for $120. Much more manageable. Since obtaining this bit of gear it has become my go to drum machine (only because the DFAM is something I wouldn’t exactly call a drum machine/drum synth in the traditional sense).

Don’t Fall For It!

Now, I know what you’re all saying – *Groan, “Ugh, but I want something shiny and new.” Nothing wrong with that. Treat yourself and splurge on that new Controller you were eyeballing. You do you. I’m merely trying to make the case that you don’t ALWAYS need to get the brand spanking new model each time something drops. Technology is always advancing and there’s no way to prevent dings and scratches. Eventually that shiny new controller will become outdated. The shine will dissipate into a layer of crud and scratches. So, why pay full price for something you know is eventually going to take a tumble, become obsolete, or you own a cat (cat-owning Synthesists know what I’m talking about)?

Either way, I hope this write-up helped you – If I just fueled the fire for you to say, “F**k you. I buy new because I want to,” good. Glad I could reinforce your viewpoint. If this helps you out in any way please let me know, thanks for reading and, as always, keep on rockin’ and rollin’!

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