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Spotify Falls Short

Spotify Falls Short

Spotify Falls Short

Spotify CEO and Owner, Daniel Ek, made an announcement Monday. An announcement he thought should warrant a pat on the back. While Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen announced they were co-headlining a podcast and stealing attention from Ek, the streaming service billionaire lauded a new functionality for Podcasters. This along with a few other pointless ‘enhancements’.

As we’ve come to anticipate from Ek in particular over other big services, he allowed Spotify to fall short. Nothing he announces is ever as dazzling as pitched to us. It’s all the same dry, redundant and garbage laden speech we’ve come to expect from the former uTorrent CEO. He was a millionaire by age fourteen and as time goes on, the Spotify founder only reminds me more and more of Lex Luther. He began out of touch, remains out of touch, and sadly doesn’t give a F***.

Spotify Falls Short Of Presenting Their Announcement Honestly

Honestly may not be the correct word. There was a conscious effort by Spotify and Daniel Ek to distract. There was an understanding that he was going to tout new services in attempt to shield the public from the facts. The facts being he is lining his pockets further while we struggle to eat.

Spotify is hot to trot regarding kissing up to Podcasters, thanks to its recent Megaphone acquisition. That part is not terribly surprising.

In addition, there’d been news of this but it’s so rude of the Company to pull it requires mentioning. They actually had the nerve to tout their new Streaming Ad Insertion technology, along with a Hi-Fi subscription tier.

You don’t need me to tell you this but neither sounds like they are helping artists, or priced even within a reasonable enough range where we’d want to accept this upsell.

Spotify Falls Short Of Human Decency

I know, another shocker of a statement for this man who looks like a baby’s head, but throughout his whole appearance. Spotify is using the same BS they used YEARS ago to hook us musicians. Now their aim lies on Podcasters, as they leave us to further fend for ourselves.

All of this is said alongside another statement from the Spotify founder. He actually had the nerve to say this yesterday, with all this other news happening –

Taken from an interview in The Verge from yesterday –

Ashley Carman, senior reporter, posed this to Ek, “Today your team announced that 7,500 creators are making at least $100,000 per year on your platform. How does Spotify plan to grow that number?

Daniel Ek, CEO, Spotify: Long term, it’s really about — as I kind of outlined in the remarks, as well, during the event — we think the space is so much larger than most people realize, both in the amount of consumers that care, the minutes that will be spent in audio, and the amount of creators that ultimately will create content. So it’s in the billions of consumers, and we believe more than 50 million creators will create.”

Spotify Falls Short Of Reality

Excuse me? First, that’s not addressing the question in the slightest. In addition, that is such an obtuse answer I’m white hot with frustration towards it. Like a total jerk, he unnecessarily says to Ms. Carman, “… as I outlined in the remarks, as well, during the event -” – Only people who think their words are more important than they are speak this way.

Where it really goes off the rails, is when Ek essentially equates the entire listening world to users of Spotify. Also, even if his point made sense or had any relevancy, there’s no mention of paying creators. He just says they exist. I think reading between the lines is saying his statement was NOT as Monty Burns evil as we know it to be is not even needed. It sits pretty above the line in public view.

Spotify Will Always Fall Short.

Spotify will always fall short in regards to helping artists of any kind. They’re too busy scheming behind the scenes on how they will market and posture this stuff to give any attention to just paying it’s content creators anything short of reasonable. And I’m so very tired of hearing it. As well as pretending this Company is going to have some magical turn of conscience out of the blue.

It’s Not Going To Happen

There will be no action from any digital music streaming platforms proactively to remedy this scenario. Instead, in times like these, we must band together. If Daniel Ek cannot be bothered to speak to us directly, we must start the conversation.

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