SoundCloud Premier Monetization

Soundcloud Premier Monetization

SoundCloud Premier Monetization

“SoundCloud pays artists fairly,” is now emblazoned across the landing page found at Whoa! Super cool! They are doing direct monetization? It’s not that ‘streaming pool royalty payout’ system the others use? Do tell! 

Soundcloud Premier Monetization

Is not exactly new. It’s available on the Premier tier of service. And it has been since 2018. The difference now is that direct part. 

Up until now, Soundcloud followed the same model as Apple and Spotify. All data for royalties is first collected on-platform. Then, royalties get disbursed. They calculate a weighted total based off total streams. Those earning the platform the most money via streams receives the most compensation. Errrrr. What? Yeah, it’s called streamshare. And it’s the dumbest thing you will have heard of by reading this.

What Soundcloud is proposing is humorous. Humorous for its similarity to a new comer company. This new comer has half the time in the Market (at best) when compared to Soundcloud. Yet, Deezer figured out direct artist payment per stream years ago. What they are proposing is payment based on your listeners’ time. Spent absorbing your material and paying you for your listens.


I’ll commend them for getting to the catch only two clicks away from the landing page. They could have hid it, for sure. The hitch is you need to have their Premier tier of paid service to qualify. This is $144 / Yr. if paid upfront in advance. 

What’s funny is it’s quite difficult to find what a stream is actually going to be worth. They’re happy to accept your money now, with royalties in this fashion not slated for payout until April 1st. Hmmmm. Seems fishy now. Especially when there’s text in giant font on Soundcloud’s site stating

We are transparent in how artists get paid

This isn’t a total slam, I should qualify. I’m curious about this. If it’s worth it, count me in. If not, it’s a disappointing ploy that anyone with half a brain would never sign up for. What do you think? 


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