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Product Review Of Music Business Academy

Product Review

Product review for Damian Keyes’ Music Business Academy. I am a large Keyes fan. A friend introduced me to his cheeky YouTube videos about 18 months ago. I’ve drank the Kool-aid since. Fast forward those 18 months and a lot of research, reading, watching and learning has taken place. And guess what? I still like him. He’s forthright, a good actor (even when he knows he’s spewing B.S.), and manages to infuse humor. That said, I was rather surprised how cookie cutter his Music Business Academy course is. Or, do I have silly expectations?

Please don’t get me wrong in this product review. Keyes’ is preaching things I can agree with a good 97% of the time. The problem is is he falls in a trap I find all too many tutorials (of any kind) on Youtube do. He explains the 101 in an excellent fashion. This makes perfect sense. The guy is a marketer after all. He knows how to set the stage well. There is professionalism and comfort towards the camera which he exudes. This instills confidence for his followers and helps ease learning. All awesome things!

Common Traps Oh No!

The common trap he falls into is he goes on to explain the 101 for tooooo loooong. I inevitably lose focus as he drones on with things I learned from him for another 97 minutes. Now that there was too much time spent on pitching the tactic as a worthwhile one, there’s a rush job of an explanation. Pragmatic elements to his approaches and their explanations come and go all too fast. Again, not his fault. It’s become a standard format among youtube videos (in my opinion, I can’t validate this).

I don’t exactly blame him for wanting to be comprehensive either. This is a problem with YouTube tutorials in general, as life-saving as they are! The problems I mention are not unique to Keyes in particular.

There’s nothing malicious at play here, but it makes for a lousy learning experience. If one is teaching a mid-high level music marketing course, it’s not necessary to define what an ‘ad campaign,’ is. We can probably skip the definition of sales and marketing funnels. There needs to be an understanding that musicians should already know these things.

Or, Am I Being Too Critical In This Product Review?

That’s the predicament I’m sure Damien finds himself in often while explaining the music industry. Satisfying both sides of this argument. Should this knowledge be a pre-requisite to signing up? Or did we all already drop the ball?

He does do a good job of towing the line between painful beginner info and equally painful advanced info. Need to be sure to give credit where it’s due.

I thank Damian for his music business course, and may still (happily) be proven wrong about his teaching style. I would adore this because, well, I actually rather like the guy!

My Product Review On Damien Keyes’ Music Business Academy?

After Being Subscribed 6 hours And Having Watched 1.5 Modules So Far? Well…

Frequently, I try to drive home the fact no one person has the ultimate advice to provide. Each artist has a unique road to travel with their own special sort of music. It’s always best to take in as much information from credible sources as possible! Don’t limit your knowledge because some guy on the web said, “This one tiny stupid, innocuous thing.” This should not dismiss all credibility.

Cutting to the chase and point – Try it! They give a week free trial and if there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s free trials. All you will want to ensure is that you mark your calendar to de-activate it at that 7 day mark! That’s because this course has a hefty price tag.

There’s two billing options present for this product. A monthly subscription where the cost is $19.99/month, or you may pay for the year upfront for $200 in total. A bit steep! But, that’s why there’s a trial right? I can’t imagine it’s hard to upgrade service level either.

Damian wants you to be a customer for as long as possible. And he wants your money, so an upgrade is likely doable, though I’ve not investigated this at all. It might be worth mentioning that part of Keyes’ pitch relies on the fact he will be raising prices soon. I’m sure he will be! Not sure how much further up you can go in a sensical manner. But, hey, so long as he doesn’t tell me what to do with my business, I won’t tell him what to do with his!

As always, please feel welcome to contact Chuck with questions about music business, music marketing or anything at all!

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