Netvio is a wonderful international community of musicians whose aim lies not only in the notes played. Here, I get the chance to interview my good pals and founders, Only One Spoon and Atlas Castle!


As Americans we’re somewhat sheltered and definitely don’t have a reasonable understanding of how the world as a whole works. I am fortunate to be part of such a driven and supportive community like Netvio. It’s one of the ways I manage to maintain a sense there is a world outside my apartment. Especially during these silly pandemic-y, lockdown-y times.

Shockingly (!)

Folks around the Globe are compassionate, heartfelt and fucking talented. Who knew?! 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I don’t know the extent to which I properly recognized there is in fact a WORLD out there before Netvio. No bias, just insulated and sheltered like so many others. I thank them for having me aboard! Am also shocked it’s been a year since this tiny community of musicians banded together. It’s such a wondrous safe-haven, full of positivity and intelligent conversation.

Netvio’s Discord Server

Is the ‘home-base’ for music lovers and creators alike. It’s where the importance of a quick laugh is valued highly. And at the same, we can discuss the latest Spotify analytics reports. Here to discuss the community further, I have with me today repeat offender to the ChuckW.Com blog page, Atlas Castle; Joined with him for the first and, God, do I hope not last time by Co-Founder, Only One Spoon!


By The Way . . Did I mention …. There’s … Netvio … Merch?!?!?! Grab some!


P.S. – You the Mjoilooks like he’s constipated emoji‘ T-Shirt to you?

Hey Guys!

CW: Thanks so much for sitting down with me today! Pleasure to have you both here as the first interview back up and running after migrating this site (again). I know you are both busy guys and it’s, like, Thursday at Midnight right now by you to my Monday at 2 PM. So, without further fluffy language from myself, let’s get to some Q-to-the-A’g –

To start, in your own words may I ask please, what IS Netvio? If I was never a member and you were explaining to me what it is all about, how would you explain this place, these people, this effort?


Netvio is first of all a community for musicians and music producers. A safe place to hear and to be heard. To make genuine connections with other musicians from all across the world, and help each other to grow and develop ourselves as musicians, and as human beings.

It is a place where you can feel comfortable sharing your sketches and get honest opinions about your mix, production, artworks, promotion strategies. It’s a place where you can rant about life and get a non judgmental ear to listen to you. A place to get to know other musicians on a personal and professional level, making genuine connections, and even forming collaborative relationships.

It’s a tough journey to be a musician who wants to succeed nowadays. And it’s much easier to go through it with awesome and inspiring people by your side.


Eytan (Only One Spoon) summed it up really well. I see Netvio as a family project. Growing slowly but surely to keep the genuine, personal and professional level of it. It should be the place where you can wear several different hats and choose to be who you want to be in a very safe and neutral space. Some days I’m hanging out there as the musician I am. Some other days I may just be the Sunday dude in his pajamas, checking the general mood and news.

We’re going through this effort to showcase sweet and talented souls that we got the chance to connect with since we started this adventure. Growing up as a whole team instead of growing up on our own is definitely a must and something I haven’t experienced that way in any other community before. We’re gonna try our best to keep it that way.


Only One Spoon!

CW: From an Admin. (the only two) Perspective

As well as founders, how has Netvio influenced your art? To be the faces bringing more people in and running the show, while putting in just as much work towards our musical endeavors simultaneously?


Netvio has a crucial influence on my art. First of all, there’s so much to be inspired by. I’m constantly beside myself viewing the magnitude of work brought forth by all Netvio members. The effort each one puts in their musical journey, the creativity behind their production, the ideas we brainstorm on. As we said, it’s not an easy task to push your music career, but when I see others do it on a daily basis, in spite of everything else that goes on in their lives, it gives me great motivation to get up and create.

Even on days that I’m not motivated. It constantly gives me new ideas on how to promote my music, how to play the social media game, or even receive simple reminder that, “Sometimes it’s ok to take a step back from everything and get your shit together.”

In addition, I think that the biggest influence of Netvio on my music is knowing that someone actually cares. Cares about me personally and want to press play and to listen to my music. Once you have that, it is much easier to create and share your art.

Regarding your question about being an admin in Netvio – Except for the extra time and extra effort we put in to grow the community, we are also active members like everyone else in there. I don’t think of myself as an admin when I hang out with other members. So yeah, it’s another thing to do in my schedule, but I feel I have the same struggles like every other musician and I get the same attention and help from everyone else when I need it.


I’m gonna go the opposite way here -I can’t really say that Netvio influences my art directly. When it comes to music, I’m mostly sticking to my own rules. I like to learn and experiment a lot. This is a very private world of mine that I’m not opening up too much. I’m where I am today in my art (with regards to the project Atlas Castle) from past experiences and will to stand on my own. It was more personal than I think I’d ever want to place on the community; A lot of gathering strength and inspiration through my own demons. Items one needs to come to terms with on their own.


Doesn’t directly inspire the artist in me, but … it definitely inspires the human being I tend to be. I’m learning every day how to get better at sharing personal stuff and opening up to folks that are very genuine, caring and empathetic friends. It’s not easy, it’s a process, but it’s coming to fruition.

I can definitely agree with Eytan (OOS) about the whole point of being an admin. We for sure keep an extra eye open on the walls of those in the community. That’s a responsibility we have on our shoulders for the well-being of everyone. This does mean that we occasionally step in, here and there, if some behaviors are going over the line of being reasonable.

Other than that I don’t consider myself an admin. As soon as I’m hanging in the different chat rooms or on the gram, I’m just here to share, get inspired, learn, laugh and have a good time with people and artists I enjoy and respect in this community.

Atlas Castle!


Who is the perfect member/candidate? For example, when seeking new membership, what qualities in an artist do you look for?


Well, something that makes Netvio unique, is that we don’t try to grow fast and bring in as many members as we can. We try to grow safely and slowly. To ensure we’re bringing in the right people, keeping the family feeling in there. I’m not saying there’s something wrong about creating communities with the goal of making them as big as they can be, but it’s just not what we are aiming for.

It’s important to us that everyone in the community gets to know one another. At least on a very basic level, and you can’t do that by adding 50 new members a day. So, when we search for new members, we try to look for a few key indicators that they’d be a good match, such as:

First of all, is he or she an active musician/music producer? As much as we love people, Netvio is focused around music. So, if someone is a graphic designer, but not a musician, we won’t consider them.

The next thing is are they awesome? Do they have a great vibe, are they judgmental towards others? Do they spread the love, positivity and creativity? Because we want to surround ourselves with only the good, so that is an important one.

Last, and I think that this one is a deal breaker for us, is how consistent are they? The Netvio community operates most of the time on Instagram, in which you get to meet A LOT of new people. But a lot of them are there to get likes, or possibly get followers without giving back. And that’s a totally fine strategy to have, but not one that we believe in. If we invite someone with this mindset to our community, they will probably just promote themselves, get bored and leave once they see that they didn’t get what they wanted.

So, consistency is a great indicator. When you see someone that is really trying to make a genuine connection, commenting on other people’s posts, showing real interest in the content of other people, that indicates that this person is looking for friendships and the odds of them sticking around are much greater.

I can also add that we are usually not on an active search for new members. Rather than actively scouting, recruitment happens by making new friends on Instagram until we figure out we want to invite them. Sometimes we have a few people that we want to invite simultaneously. In these situations patience is key because we don’t want to invite too many all at once. We’ll get back around to them 🙂

So that’s a win win situation. If they are still around by the time that we want to invite them, that just means that we waited a little longer to make it official, and if they don’t, that means they didn’t want to stick around with us on the long term anyway, so no harm done.

A.C.: Got nothing to add. We’re definitely not here for the fame, likes and streams. It’s pretty simple: Netvio = Family. It’s of course about the music, but at the same time we must ensure safety and a good time for those hanging there.

As Netvio approaches 5K hashtags not terribly far after surpassing it’s first birthday, does this 5,000 figure excite, or disappoint you and why?

OOS: Oh, yeah, it’s really exciting. When I just started the “Instagram game” about one and a half years ago, my favorite hashtag was (and still is, except the #netvio hashtag) #indieelectronic. I liked it because it wasn’t too big and your posts were not getting lost in a pile of new uploads each second, but also it was active enough to get to know new people that use this hashtag. And I remember it was something like 13.4K posts in there back then (today it’s about 35K).

So when I see the #netvio hashtag reaches 5K it’s a bit less than half of what looked to me as the most relevant hashtag for me when I started. I know it’s a very silly way to look at it, but I can definitely see the #nevtio hashtag reaches 13K by next year. Not that I care about the actual number, but more of what it indicates, that a lot of people are constantly using the hashtag that we created from scratch, leading a lot of fresh eyes on the Netvio brand and community as well. (to be fair, if I’m not mistaking, I think that the first netvio member to use this hashtag was Agent Johnny Red, and we followed his lead on this).

You don’t know how exciting it is for me to see new people using the #netvio hashtag in their posts.

A.C.: I’m definitely excited about it! – To start with, this hashtag started as a very useful tool. Helping us to keep up with each other on Instagram. From time to time, if I don’t really have time to hang on IG, I just go directly there, to the tag, to check the #netvio family and support everyone, while reading the latest news.

Reaching the 5K is definitely a nice way to look at our progression and productivity. Netvio is really young, we’re just starting. There’s going to be more projects coming along.

What are some of your favorite collaborations or projects born of (not including your own, of course) Netvio? Participants/Artists who would have maybe not met otherwise?

OOS: it’s really hard to say. Because beyond the songs that are being created, I have the additional excitement every time I see two musicians (or more) that collaborate because they met through Netvio. You feel like you really have some kind of an impact on the world, that you did something good by creating this platform. Even if the impact is little, it is still there.

My favorite collaboration was one of the first in Netvio, and it’s a collaborative EP called “Netvio Genesis”, which took 10 musicians, randomly paired to create 5 songs with the same samples. Not just because of the music, but because it showed me the potential power of a community and what things we can achieve together. So I’m really excited about doing something similar in the near future.

But if I have to pick, then everything that is a collaboration involving Don’t Mess With Juan (DMWJ). I’m a real fanboy and in love with her music.

A.C.: My all time favorite would be my collaboration with Eytan (Only One Spoon). I think it was the first time collaborating for either of us. And we surely learned a lot about ourselves as artists and human beings as well (I’m already looking forward to the next one). – Plus there’s the symbolic part of it. It marks our debut with Netvio and one of the first collaborations from two Netvio souls.

Even if I’m really bad at nailing our challenges every month, I’m super excited about them each time! I like the fact that we can keep it going with new judges and prizes every month. – I don’t know if you guys heard about what was coming in January … but you’re not ready 😉 – And in all honesty, either are we haha!

Now I realize not all the beans can be spilled and some things must be left up to surprise – but, year two for Netvio – What can we expect to see from the crew? Any unique group activities we can go into greater detail here?

OOS: Well, since Netvio was formed in August 2019 we can say that we are almost half way through that second year, but I think 2020 surprised all of us. The year started with great intentions of a physical, real meetup including some of the Netvio members in Italy, but then Covid came and changed everything.

And beyond that Italy meetup, I think it [Covid] messed with everyone’s life in ways that didn’t give us a lot of room to expand Netvio the way we wanted. Personally, I lost three people, I lost my job, and with everything that went on in the World (and Israel specifically) I wasn’t present as I wanted to be. But, I don’t see it as a real threat to Netvio because this is a long term thing. We’re not looking at the now… We’re looking 3-4 years from now and not just 3-4 months ahead.

But we do have a lot of plans for this wonderful community! I can’t say a lot right now, but as we speak we are forming some new content exclusively for our members, it will be revealed soon.

And of course we have the monthly challenges, the Monthly Netvio Live Sessions, and the day-to-day activity on social media.


I’d like to use this interview as well to remind everyone Netvio related (or not yet?) that there’s room for improvement and new projects under Netvio. If you have ideas, and projects in mind, feel very welcome to reach out to us anytime.

What is difficult in managing groups like this is the fact that everyone has their own unique life occurring. Obviously. With that said, how does Netvio manage to bring people out of their shells so successfully, without intervening in personal lives?


I can’t say that we don’t intervene in personal lives because real friendships are formed inside this community, and we do share a lot about our personal lives. But nothing is mandatory. You set your own level of involvement. You get to decide how much you share about your personal life and how much you share other people’s music and posts on socials. Unlike some other communities, we never make anyone share or do something as a necessity to be part of the community. Maybe there are some pros to going that road, but I think that what people like about Netvio is that it gives you the freedom to decide for yourself. Once you start to have too many rules and obligations it can easily lose its magic.

And I think that it’s a basic rule in life in general. The more you give – The more you get. So if you want to give, Netvio is a great platform to get a lot from.



What lovely chaps, seriously. And I can say this goes for every member. There’s not a single bad apple. If you’ve ever spoke with me, I think we’re all aware I have a flair for the curse word. Think this may be the only group I’ve been part of where that wasn’t a problem! To cursing like a sailor, everyone! And, dammit, be nice to people. I know all this sounds a bit …. Dare I say…. Socialist ….. But ….

Yatta Yatta.. Something … Keep On Rockin’ And Rollin’!

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