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Mastering And Music Marketing

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Mastering And Music Marketing

Mastering and Music Marketing

An odd combination for a blog post, granted. This whole site is an odd combination of things, though. So, I’d like to share with you some thoughts and practices I’ve picked up in my time as a DIY musician, marketing myself in NYC. You’ll notice quick how apt the correlation is.

Sound and Your Sound’s Quality Is Paramount

To anything else you do as a musician.

Do not ever detour from that fact. An artist PR firm is icing on the cake. A fancy music marketing firm in NYC is not something worth consideration yet. Before sending a project off for adjustments, YOU should know it best, front-to-back. You need a keen awareness and high enough level of confidence about the project to discuss it.

Your Engineer will ask your expectations. If you lack this personal relationship with your own tunes, you won’t be able to speak to how you want it to sound. You will end up dissatisfied with the master, turned off to the whole process once more.

Mastering And Marketing: An Easy Way To View It

How are you supposed to market music, something audio related if it sounds like trash?

You need to sound crisp before you stand out AT ALL. The concern being how saturated the music business landscape is in the 21st century. This is why that crisp sound must always be your focus.

Harsh Reality

Harsh reality time my fellow indie musician friends out there. If it’s not mastered, get it mastered. If you think you have a ‘reason’ for why you did not bother, you don’t. I don’t want to hear it if you’re purporting yourself as a ‘professional’.

Mastering is always good music marketing practice. This is for the fact that it can help bring heavy-hitter attention to your material. If your stuff is not mastered, you’re already looking weak crossing the starting line. That heavy-hitter, whomever they may be, will pick up on this vibe from listening only a moment.

They will likely pass on listening to more material from you on the basis of sound quality alone. Mastering your material shows your confidence in it. If you’re wishy washy on taking that leap you risk sounding amateurish. In the end it comes down to whether it is time to take that leap and call it a wrap or not. NOT an easy call.

People Sometimes Sweat The Cost Of Mastering

Discuss your situation with your Mastering Engineer. They’re people too. They can understand when someone may be in a bind. If not, that individual is not a proper fit for you and your project. Don’t be afraid to decline their services and seek help in a friendlier environment.

You’ll see note upon receipt of the Engineers first drafts that this splash of color is what your music needed. Budget for mastering when first outlining a project and it won’t be a surprise. You will be happy to know it’s not as expensive as you may think. At the least, get a quote or free consultation. During this chat, make sure to discuss pricing crystal clear with no hidden charges.

Educate Yourself About Mastering

On the topic and cost a tad to find the right person to work on your material. The gent who does my mastering is someone I would consider the other member of my ‘group’ if I were not a solo act. So, yes, it’s important to get along with your Engineer and even …. Be friends with them! The results will be staggering, aside from having a new buddy!

There’s so, so much awesome work you performed to get to this point. Now you are in the home stretch! Don’t start being cheap now. You want to be proud of your work. In 20 years, when you pop that album of yours on, what will you remember? The amount paid for mastering, or will you be able to hearken back to beautiful days gone by? This sentimentality of quality over cost squashes the argument of money as a no-go reason.

Also, who doesn’t appreciate taking some time to support their local artists? You’ll find on frequent occasion Engineer’s play as well. By using their Mastering talent you’re helping yourself by sounding better, a colleague by helping them keep the lights on and they’re doing the hard stuff?

I Know, Right?

Go, Go Get Your Stuff Mastered.. Now. We’ll Catch Up.

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