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Like Artists

A.K.A. Similar Artists – No, not your faves (Though, someday, please email those to me. I’d love to nerd out). It’s just the terminology used. Consider ‘Like Artists’ as similar artists to yourself. Whether they resemble you in sound, or in branding, there’s something there. And it’s not you or your fans listening habits to thank entirely for the comparison (FYI, Namely, I’m referring to Spotify when I reference algorithms going forward).

What’s funny is that Like Artists was a feature readily available to compare yourself against artists similar to you signed by Majors. Was. Until just recently, that is. Now, you see something more like this –

Like Artists

Which is great! These are all artist friends of mine (that you should be sure to check out!). While I’m humbled by the comparison (truly, they’re all amazing and to be aligned with them is mind-blowing), it’s not what I need from this section. The problem is we already share fans. I’m not looking to target the SAME people. What a waste of time!

I Thought I Had To Have Been Making an Error When Initially Looking For Related Artists

Dropped Spotify a line, figuring CEO and Owner, Daniel Ek too busy to speak with me. I cannot say I expected much in the way of an answer. Received this as a reply.

Like Artists

It’s Not “Manually Curated”?

Err.. Okay, it was a feature which once existed. That being the case … It can exist again, no? I’m not asking you, Cyrus, to manually comb Spotify’s database for my like artists . . .

Anyway – Whatever – This Is A Music Business Tutorial, Not A Whining Session

One day I was messing around my Distributor’s site for something else. Unfortunately, what I’ve discovered will only work for those presently using Distrokid, but it’s better than nothing. Long story short, there’s a really roundabout way you can kind of, sort of obtain this information. It’s not as robust. Again, It’s something!!!


Above is your Distrokid Dashboard. From there, you’d go to ‘More’ in the Header Menu. It’s furthest right. Once Under ‘More,’ select ‘Hyperfollow’.

Like Artists

It’s that fifth option down. Once there, scroll down and select any release you’ve set a pre-save for in the past.

Now, scroll down about a page and a half to find …. This!!

And Boom Goes The Dynamite!

Not everyone is signed to a major, but again, it’s a start. Enjoy my friends!

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