Interview With Only One Spoon

Chuck W. | Interview With Only One Spoon

Interview With Only One Spoon

A long time in the making, our good Buddy Eytan stops by to discuss his new single ‘In My Room’ (Out now!)!

It’s such a pleasure to have friends in for an interview. Makes for such more of an open dialogue. I hope it makes for a good read as well!

After far too much of a wait, it’s so damn awesome to have here Only One Spoon !

Not only is he back fresh from his interview about Netvio, he has new music for us! The new single, “In My Room” Is out February 19, 2021 and please give the man a listen on all streaming platforms!

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Hey Buddy, Thanks for coming on! I’m really excited to be discussing some One Spoon tuneage on here. So, I’m diving right in! 

First, always like to check – Do you mind sharing your real name for the nice folks who may be reading this, please and thank you?


Of course. My name is Eytan Baritzy. I always explain to people that Eytan is like an Israeli version of Ethen. But if you don’t hear the name and just read it, you’ll probably say it wrong. But I don’t really care. 

CW: I was honestly unaware of the difference!

OOS: You’ll be surprised how easy it is to read it incorrectly. It’s actually pronounced “A-tan”.

(As luck would have it, it seems I’ve been saying it wrong as well! Dang! Sorry, Buddy! 🙂)

In My Room

CW: Interesting vibe going here! I get an odd sense of The Cure going on? Would that be an apropos kinship?

OOS: That’s an excellent question, and to be honest, I’m not so sure. I know that it’s not The Cure inspiration (I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know more than three Cure songs).

CW: No Need To Be Ashamed

After all, Robert Smith sounds like a bloated goat, mixed with your mother wearing a moo-moo like Homer Simpson in that one episode where he tries to become even more overweight to get on disability – – – what were we discussing?

Only One Spoon:

I think that the main inspiration was Synthwave in general. Which is a big genre deviation of what I usually make. But once I started to work on the song and chose the sound for it, it was clear to me that I’m going ‘full Synthwave on this one. Unless I’m wrong about the genre, I’m really bad at saying what kind of genres I make. It usually has to do with electronic, but I tend to get lost within the endless ocean of sub-genres. Which also sometimes hurts my efforts to promote my music to the right potential listeners.


What would you attribute this darker tone too? I’m used to a little more bright sounding music from you. 

Only One Spoon:

Really? I thought all I make is dark. Lol. But it’s always fun to get another perspective about how my music is being perceived. My inspiration for dark, comes from about 90% of the music I usually hear: Moderat, Burial, Lorn, Weval, Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Etc. When you listen to all of these long enough you will implement dark in your music with or without knowing it.


Typically your vocals stand front and center – I’m noticing a lot of nuanced production at play as well. Can you speak a little towards production approach and how this song differs from past Only One Spoon songs?

Only One Spoon:

Well, first of all, I think that there is a big difference between the music I create and the music I actually release. Meaning, I have about 50 sketches of potential songs just waiting for me to polish and release, but I never got to it because, well…I am me (sad emoji).


No worries. If that had a term, you could consider me spokesman of the movement, so I get that!

Only One Spoon:

So for me, ‘In my Room’ is kind of a strange bird in my repertoire, in many ways. But again, I need to actually release songs so people will know what I’m talking about. 

Most of my (unreleased songs) tend to be dark electronic, with a bit more complex drums and detune synths. The lyrics (as I noticed) are usually around death, fears, anxiety, all these cute fun subjects. As for ‘In My Room,’ it has a more straightforward production; 4/4 drums, sweet 80’s synths and gentle love lyrics. So you can say it’s different in a lot of ways.


One thing I do always appreciate about you is your sense of humor. Despite the darker vibes of this track, this is the subject to the e-mail received (accidentally) for consideration – ‘Only One Spoon – In My Room (a great song to make love to)” – How do you still find yourself able to infuse humor despite this being the serious song it at least seems to be …… ? 

Only One Spoon:

I don’t think there should be a clear choice between being serious and using humor. For example, I can be at a funeral and have very funny and weird thoughts. I don’t see these two contradict each other. I mean, I know that most of the world is, but I think you can find humor in everything.

For example, Radiohead’s Karma Police is such an emotional 90’s rock anthem. But if you read a bit about how they created this song, you’ll find that it started as a joke when they were drunk. And man, did you read the lyrics “Arrest this girl, Her Hitler hairdo Is making me feel ill And we have crashed her party”. Isn’t is obvious humor and seriousness intertwined?


Hey, no argument from me there!

Chuck W. | Interview With Only One Spoon 2


You call this, “A simple Synthwave ballad from a man to a woman, his life-partner, admiring the little moments of their togetherness.” Why did you find it important to ‘keep things simple’?

Only One Spoon:

Because sometimes when things are too complex the message gets lost in the mess. Sometimes the simple thing is the strongest. Less is more or that kind of nonsense. But I truly believe in it. And surely I don’t think that every song should be “simple” but when you don’t have a limit of how many songs you can create, some of them can be extremely “simple”. 


I love this take of yours and agree! Concision and getting to the point are aspects of my personality anyone who I’ve ever spoken with can elaborate on. There is a beauty in simplicity. You said you don’t think every song should be simple, so I’m curious as to your preference. Do you find more joy constructing the “Simple” or the “Complex,” when writing music?

Only One Spoon:

I think I love the ability to choose between the two without declaring which one is better. That’s actually how I live my life for better and for worse. For better, because I think I’m pretty open-minded about almost everything, and that makes life more interesting, and for worse, because I find it hard to choose only one thing and to focus on it for a long period of time. That’s been a life-long struggle for me, but I’m getting better at this.


What did you use to construct this single?

Only One Spoon:

I literally opened the Ableton project to answer this one. Well, the drums are very basic, I just chose random drum machine samples that sounded good to me and stuck with them (BOSS DR 220-A). 

The Bass

Is a combination of one of the DX-7 patches and a massive Sub called “apologize this” (with the Ableton’s Pedal saturation). I actually use this sub in almost every song I produce.

The Synths

In this song are also a combination of two patches from the DX-7 Keys, layered together with a minor processing on them. 

The Dreamy Pads

Are from the Arturia’s CV-80 (V-Collection 7). I rarely synthesize my own sounds from scratch. I find that it slows down my creation process, so I usually find a good enough sound and then I start to shape it to my liking.  


OH! HOT DAMN! It’s the Arturia Collection? I love that thing! I wrote an entire EP on that software because it’s so much fun. That’s why I’m pulling such a different feeling from it, then! 

Only One Spoon:

There’s also a really crunchy synth that comes in towards the end of the song, that comes from the CMI-V (also from the V-Collection). This synth is a real beast and has such dark and distorted sounds, I just love it.

And of course some white noise and swooshes here and there.

My vocals chain here starts with the almighty Maserati VX-1 by waves. It’s my go to plugin for vocals. It’s kind of a All-in-one plugin, a compressor, eq, saturation. So I start with it on almost every project. And another Eq and compressor of course (ableton stock). Then, to create the dreamy vocals effect. I duplicated the vocal channel (which was relatively dry, and went 100% reverb on the duplicated channel, and mixed it with the main vocals. That’s a trick I like to use a lot, I never put too much reverb on the main vocals because that way they tend to get lost in the mix.

And I think that that’s pretty much the whole thing. And I’m not forgetting the final touches of Dan Fur with his Mastering work on this one. It’s actually the first song that I outsourced mastering and it was a really fun and smooth process working with him.


Ah, it’s a ‘Furry Master’! Love that guy! He is awesome to work with, you’re spot on.

Well, hey, thanks for stopping by, my friend! Folks, that has been Only One Spoon! His new single, ‘In My Room’ is out 2/19/2021 on all the major steaming services!!!. Don’t make me hunt you down and place your headphones on you! Your mom said last time she’d call the cops on me if I did it again. Either way, thanks for stopping by! Keep rockin’ and Rollin’!

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