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Interview With Ferco Music!

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Interview With Ferco Music!

Interview With Ferco Music!

It’s not terribly often I’m the one approached for the interview, so imagine my delight to help someone on the other side of the planet! Super cool!

Today it is my pleasure to sit down with Hungarian Musician, Producer, and Freakin’ Nice Guy – Ferco!


(This is going to be a somewhat quick interview, as our subject had to run. But, I think if you read into what Ferco’s saying here, there’s no B.S. – He wants to play and he wants to enable others as well. My kinda dude!)

One Thing

CW: I appreciated greatly upon our first chance to try to work through this piece here, Ferco, was when you explained your Mentor’s methodical take. According to that chat, they asked, “Do you have ten years to devote to music?” To which you replied, “Of course.”

I love hearing of this type of devotion to the art itself. It’s something we all know we should do, but do we? You point to this as your aha moment. Something I can’t sing the praises of finding within your own career enough. Can you name some other memorable experiences that you can possibly attribute to aha moments in their own right?


But for that we have to go back to Summer, 2012.

I was with friends at a festival. DJ Giant Skrillex played. At the time, Skrillex was quite the oddity. Playing Dubstep and Heavy Bass simultaneously. I loved this way he went against the grain. He was also able to accomplish contrasting sounds with soft melodies, heavy bass all within an interesting rhythm. In that moment, watching this, I knew I would be playing and producing music the rest of my life.


Ferco, You’d Mentioned

Your desire to help musicians and those struggling on a mix most. I can’t say that I’d ever disagree with that sentiment. What about the post-post-production process of mastering tells you that, “Yes, this is how I can best achieve that goal of helping”?


I’m not the best. And I think, I’m not an engineer. I’m a lifelong student in music. In my experience, music is more enjoyable the louder you can crank the volume, hear it clearly and hear it dynamically.

If I can help someone reach the point of what I know I like best in music, I hope it helps guide them. Hope it allows them to continue creating in the way they know to be most natural to them. I’ve helped lots of folks in various genres in the past. Where I enjoy working most happens to be in the Genres of Techno and House. I know in these genres I can be of the most help.


Interview With Ferco Music!

Ferco, Aside From Announcing

CW: Aside from announcing your new mixing and mastering services, (which I’ll link to below) we’re also here to announce episode 4 in your ‘We Make Some Melody Series’! Before I analyze, or possibly muddy the waters, I’d like to get from you what this Series means to you and why you are re-visiting this idea I see began in 2017?

Ferco: Hmm! Good question! ‘We Make Some Melody’ is about the Feeling of the Forest. In the past, we’ve frequently heard: LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE! The notion is very cool and funny to me, still. I wanted to say something a bit more unique! I like to write tracks as I mix them and find that the ‘Forest Feelings’ remain my favorite to this day.

To elaborate on this ‘Feeling of the Forest’ – It’s about a love of nature. This love then needs to find it’s way into music, but how? That’s the question. That’s what we explore.

Episode 4 of ‘We Make Some Melody’ will be a very special episode. You’ll be able to listen to more unreleased tracks and even more interesting videos! I’m so thankful for this opportunity and to anyone who may be watching!

Ferco, You Cover Wide, Wide Territories

Of what I guess I’d call Global Music, for lack of a better term. In reality, you’re just making good use of all tools in your arsenal. More a smart move than a style, really. But what do you attribute your interest in such an expansive playground of sounds to? Where was the curiosity sparked to look so broadly for inspiration?

Ferco: Hmm.. In primary school, when I felt I’m good in something. I stood up and sang. And after, in Music school. My big dream was electronic music and classical music mixed in unique form. And I see how to make it work from there!

Interview With Ferco Music!

CW: Is there a particular reason episodes one and two have a fixed image, despite being Youtube videos? What’s the rationale there?

Ferco: I don’t have too much time right now is the honest answer. Mainly, I try to focus on the music, when time allows. I obtained some really cool drone footage from a friend. I think you actually checked it out! It makes for such a lovely canvas to paint. One of my bigger dreams is to be surrounded by a good, positive team. One that makes dreams come true through music and videos.

It’s Interesting,

CW: In the 21st century I think we’re all dead in the water to not diversify our music to as many outlets as will have us. This undoubtedly leads to further creative bursts, where we try to see how much further we’re invested in what we’re doing by picking up a hobby on top of our hobby. An “artistic side hustle,” if you will. I write, you master, for example. Why do you have a soft spot for helping people who need assistance in this corner of “the industry”?


When I make melodies I feel myself in “the heaven”. The producing is an self-expression for me. I can’t consider this as an industry cause in these melodies in the half life. So I tried to search something other part in the music. And I found that. I love that too. As many people as many kinds of mixing. If you like then you like if not then not. But I see it’s a nice thing, nice thing, that we try to serve the producers.




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