ID3 Tags: Still Relevant Today

ID3 Tags

ID3 Tags:

Still Relevant Today

ID3 Tags

Ever wonder why your track will reflect “Unknown Artist” (see above) occasionally? It’s because you forgot to add the stinking ID3 Tags ! A relic of the .mp3 and iPod generation (


my generation), these Tags hold all your tracks metadata. Someone along the way was smart enough to show the details on-screen. They may be old but ID3 Tags are plenty relevant.

ID3 Tags Are Important Because

ID3 Tags clear away the error of ‘Unknown Artist’. In addition, there’s an unintended benefit. The ability for the creator to establish ownership immediately. The latter being much more advantageous.

The Hardest Part Of These MP3 Tags

Is remembering to apply them! I sound overly-protective in regards to rights over your musical material. It’s because I am. And you one-hundred percent should be. But this one is a scam waiting to happen! It would be much easier for someone to claim ownership over your hard work from a lack of tags than anything else. You might as well have provided your signature, while you were at it. Before sending a song off ever – LABEL IT!!!

How Do We Use These Music Tags??

Great Question

I can only speak for how one would this metadata in Logic. That is, unless one of you nice folks can help me out.. please? Pretty please 🙂 But, let’s do what we can there!

Okay, please follow along –

You’ve finished a song. You’re bouncing the final mix (CMD + B in Logic). This screen shows.

  1. Be sure to select MP3 to the top-left of the window first.

  2. Turn on the check box to the right-hand side that says ‘Write Id3 Tags’.

  3. Click ‘ID3 Settings’.



Fill in all the details you possibly can and hit OK.

It’s that easy!

You’re good to go!

Logic 2

There’s not much more to ID3 tags! For the piece of mind this provides it is worth it. Do it every time, no exception! When it comes to proving ownership over your own material you don’t want silly mistakes. Especially ones with solutions as simple as this. I hope this helps and let me know if there are any questions!

Please contact me if there’s any questions!

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