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How To Make Cash Fast

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

How To Make Cash Fast

How To Make Cash Fast

How To Make Cash Fast is written against my liking. I like to teach patience and confidence, but times are crazy. Let’s make some bread! Especially with those pandemic stimulus checks freshly nestled in your bank accounts. And after new gear has been purchased to (minimally) to your hearts content, we’ll need to figure out how to replenish the damn things!

How To Make Cash Fast Tip One – Sell Beats


Yes, I know. This is normally when I call this a BS content marketing piece and click off the page. Double check me, though. You’ll notice there’s no Affiliate links, or banners. This may be something preached to a lot but not without good reason. This recommendation will be seen upon Googling this topic in every single article. I’m not joking. And it’s because … *drum roll please* – – People need to license beats. Yo, be that person! *Hint!

If you continue to have trouble landing sales in this respect, double check the forum which you are selling from.

  1. Is it too much or not enough niche?

  2. Is your audience even present enough to be accounted for?

  3. Will anyone here give a crap about buying a beat from this store from you?

If your gut tells you no, move along. These stores are a dime a dozen and if you’re really in a pinch you can start your own store.

How To Make Cash Fast Tip Two – Teach Lessons Or Classes


The age old, tried and true, right?

Part of me wants to be a wiseass and call this the worlds oldest profession. I’ll let the joke not land all on its own from here. And oooookay! Back to Earth. It really is the tried and true way to earn fast money as a musician to this day. Personally, I taught drum lessons from age 14 on. Before I couldn’t be of age to receive working papers, that was my only form of income. And my parens were happy to drop me off at my ‘job’.

Like they say, if you love it, it’s really not work. And there’s a special intersection at education and music that nothing is similar to. An emotion to the work and pride felt when others ‘get it’. Give it a shot because you can sure learn a lot too!

How To Make Cash Fast Tip Three – Creative And Copy Writing


Are you a strong writer? Can you be? There’s plenty that needs writing still, despite coronavirus. Every day there is the need to generate press releases, emails, social media posts, interactions with fans, interactions with bosses (authority figures, the opposite of fans), etc.

Learn to hone this craft and you’ll find your overall communication person-to-person improves. Also, there will never be a need to scramble the night before to fill out the submission letter for consideration of your biggest sync opportunity ever. Last, you will better be able to defend your brand, who you are and what you stand for if you can articulate your musical thoughts behind your material onto paper.

I just glanced at Fiverr for the sake of this article. The lowest of press releases can cost $5. Okay, not terrible. However, I’m sure that the writing quality is STELLAR! Mid-range pricing is about $45-65. For something you could have probably written yourself!

As with the situation more often than not in life, spare yourself the headache, learn to do it yourself and, subsequently, do it 50x better than anyone else ever could. This one is a no-brainer. Stop paying, start hustling this side-gig and watch those tables turn in your favor REAL quick.

How To Make Cash Fast Tip Four – Selling Music To Twitch/Gamer Streams



The sub-set of gamers who are successful streamers. They are also creatives who just want to broadcast what they want. However, Twitch is notorious for (they kind of have to. You can’t really blame them) their enforcement of D.M.C.A. (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Claims.


For gamers popping on a Spotify playlist on in the background and returning to find their account banned. Score one for independent musicians, though. This situation forces gamers to utilize original material, with the ones they were grabbing off Spotify not in their price range.

Gaming Streamers have come to rely on background music and their show is stale and flat without it. They need you! And as fellow Creatives, they will appreciate your side-hustle. They get it better then any non-musician out there. Help them help you and the like wise!

As always, contact Chuck with any questions regarding music marketing, music business or The Industry as a whole. Have a great day

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