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How Do I Find My Niche?

Find My Niche? How?

find my niche

Find My Niche? May have been the response you’ve given to questions about niches in the past.

A Niche is defined by Oxford Learners Dictionary as, “A special segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.” A stuffy business website term often, niche targeting is some of the most important aspects of music marketing. 

Those words specialized and segment are important. They display the existence and importance of ‘ niche markets’. Niche markets being ones that are hyper-specific and targeted towards a very defined crowd. They are folks who know what they like.

It Took Me A Long Time To Understand And Find Niche Markets!

It took me a crazy long amount of time to ask, “How do I find my niche?” Uncovering this is your first step towards generating the ideal audience. What I’m referring to are ‘like artists’. Like artists are acts who may be in the realm of what you’re doing as a niche musician.


The way to utilize Like Artists from a music marketing, or music business perspective is a rather simplistic one. Please allow me to provide an example via my favorite batch o’ Brits, Radiohead.

Radiohead Is Keenly Aware Of Where To Find Their Niche

Radiohead is a prolific and niche art-rock band whose name I’m sure is already on your like artist list. Let’s say you’re cruising your Spotify one afternoon and these gents show up as being similar to yourself. Fantastic! Congratulations! That’s no light comparison! You should take a moment to soak in just how cool that really is!

Now that this lofty kinship has seeped into our minds we’ll find ourselves digging a deep rabbit-hole on the Spotify platform. Swiftly you will realize, “Holy COW! There’s a plethora of their like artists waiting for me to peruse them.” – – Jackpot Baby!!!!

Sticking With Radiohead

And keeping it simple, we’ve come to find their like artists reflect the members of the band. 3/5’s of them compose various solo acts. Score, again! We now know we can place Thom, Ed, and Jonny (any Phil yet? I’ve given up faith on Collin) on our developing list of akin musicians. Five acts whose fans I can target for the price of one? I like the sound of that!

This is as great a place as any to begin research into this immense task. The lengthy task of, “What’s my Niche and where the heck is my audience ?!?!?”

Also It Is Worth Noting

What’s interesting here is that Spotify is handing you the tool needed to kick off this whole whacky niche concept. This is obviously not the features intended use but any time you are able to use THEIR tools for YOUR use, make sure to do so!

This method of how to find your own niche market should keep you busy for a bit. That is, until this well runs dry. No one wants to bash their heads against the wall by using only one solitary strategy ANYWAY. So, now that I’ve nudged the door open for you, it is up to you to say, “Open Sesame.”

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