Heavy Things

Heavy Things – One Year Ago Today . .

Heavy Things

I lost a best friend I’d never met. This may call into question the seriousness of an individual bold enough to make this statement. Declaring us ‘best friends’. Honestly, and without second thought I can emphatically declare that it is true. I’d met a monolith of an individual who was unique for how ordinary they were. And in less than two years they were gone. The thing that will always remain? As always – The music.

We Began Our Respective Heavy Things

On our own respective journeys for community at the same time. Silly enough to think we could forge them by ourselves, a fortuitous Reddit post brought our missions together. It’s something I try to emblazon everywhere on this page – “Artists Helping Artists” – That’s what we do. We help each other. For no other reason than sharing this affinity towards making wailing and whacky sounds no one else wants to hear.

And hot damn he was good at it. He was the face, I was the guy in the shadows. He could have made Bin Laden his friend if given enough time to sit with the guy. It was such an earnest and innate gift he possessed.

With this idea in motion, we ran with it. Hard to believe ALL the talent we’d shortly be surrounded by. We managed to forge that community somehow. Crazy as it fucking was, man. We did do that. 

What This Heavy Things Post Is Not

I don’t want this to be a pity party post. Frankly, that’s what the rest of the internet is for. I don’t particularly believe my friend would want this sombre party to come calling anyway.. instead, I would love to think there’s some silver lining here. There isn’t one, really. It’s a story where you say, “We’ll know what to look for in the future.” As sad as it is, he didn’t leave us with much more.

He did give us this, though – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4vUQeGinUcUbTnedFiXGIu?si=2jZ2qEUqRHG5c06Q-K2HBQ&utm_source=copy-link – And if you were to go ahead and click there, assuming you’ve read this far it’s safe to assume you can find his YouTube. From there, I’ll let you find your own rabbit hole.

If anything, do not deny yourself this music. It’s light and bouncy. Good for really any environment, mood or vibe, Shelf Black will in fact live forever.

Back To The Not Pity Party – And More Heavy Things . .

This is an article about MENTAL HEALTH.

That’s right. The hideous 2 words that make every American think of the word “crazy” simultaneously. For those that stigmatize, there is a cold place in Hell that awaits you. I’m not so concerned for your earthly legacy. But, for those in pain. Please, for everyone else, get a second opinion. Unload the bad on someone who can give worthwhile feedback. A second set of ears can be all you need to come back from the brink sometimes. .

Look, I get it. I really do, without bothering to tell my life story. You don’t want to lay it on someone else. That’s cool! But do take care of yourself please. If you’re finding it difficult to find that other pair of ears there is always better help.com where you never even need to physically speak to a person!

Don’t be a Legend in the same way Casey did; Through over whelming grief and confusion at your choice. Be a Legend for enduring the bullshit.

Thank you for giving this a read. If you’ve scrolled to this point please consider a donation to the Greater Greenville Mental Health Association. These are the good guys. The ones fighting the good fight with no funding in the middle of a pandemic in my friend’s home town. THIS is how we remember Shelf. THIS is what he’d what to see ending this article…

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