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Good Music Ads Are Hard To Come By

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Good Music Ads

A good musical ad is different than other types of ads. And in reference to this term ‘music ads’ we’re referring to music ads on youtube, music ads on Spotify, music ads on Instagram, and on.

For as different as music ads are we can still learn from tradition. Traditional advertising methods are being overlooked. I can get it. Stuff’s boring! That’s why I’ll make this quick and hopefully painless. When we’re done, you’ll be able to conceptualize, not a good music ad, but a great music ad.

I’ve noticed something lately! It’s not a good thing, or a bad thing. But there has been an uptick in how many questions I receive in regards to advertisements. Personally, I have no issue with advertising. I run ad campaigns regularly. There’s something I was holding back until I launched Premium. But, with this increase I find it important to mention now. That is YOU CANNOT BUY YOUR WAY IN!!!

This Isn’t Always The Case

After all, I’m in New York in The United States. It is often the case in this Country within 2021 one can buy their way into many scenarios, especially in relation to music ads . It’s worth stating and clarifying right now AGAIN that this is not the case with music.

This does not mean you should not advertise. It means you need to do your homework before starting any ad campaigns. With regards to music ads, you’ll be doing regular homework. If you’re taking your music very serious then ads need to be implemented (this last point may not sit well with all my peers, but I do believe in running a tiny campaign for awareness at all times if you have the means). Why do they need implementation?

It’s a super saturated market. For every you, there’s ten people as talented vying for the same spot. I’m sure you knew that already but when addressing musical advertising you’re basing all decisions off this fact. And this brings us to our first important point for ads today. We’ll also go on to a few other things to realize before any campaign begins.

First Thing To Know With Music Ads

Watch your back. But there’s no need to be ‘cut-throat’ about it. I don’t mean this in a negative or vindictive sense, either. I mean literally watch them.

What are they doing that’s successful? How are they running their music ads? And how can you emulate this success with your own splash or originality and flair?

There is, and always will be, competition. In this world the ‘competition’ is your friends. I doubt you want to cut down their dreams. And there’s no need to. Your ads will only be successful with their support. So, don’t be a D***. Don’t view friends as traditional competition. Instead learn and develop your business model from them, their efforts and criticisms.

Second Important Point For Music Ads

Good Music Ads

Do some homework. Advertising is not a new concept. Establishments like Facebook and Google make everything seem fresh and exciting. The reality is they are polishing an old turd. Being honest, stole the term. But it’s a great one!

Education on advertising is rampant. Google terms and I’m certain you’ll your browser knowing double then what you started with. Watch some videos/tutorials on music ads on YouTube. There’s even specific channels on music marketing! Whooooa!

Third Thing .. On .. You Guessed It .. Music Ads


Advertising has a long history. It’s likely that answers to any questions you have are already listed on the web. Learn the traditional, TV ads type stuff! It became a tradition for a reason. If you’re interested by this stuff, I can say it’s wicked interesting. If you’re not, it’s, fortunately, not terribly difficult! Or, long-winded.

Traditional Ad Tip Of Today!

Before running music ads, check out what the A.I.D.A. advertising model is all about. The acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.


Attention or awareness, refers to making the ‘customer’ (or for us, fanbase) aware of the new product (for us, it’s a new album, or single). In short, it means when starting with ads they will serve you best when casting as wide a net as possible. If no one knows about you yet, you want them to know you first. Then their parents all the way up through Great-Great-Aunt Tillie. Like I said, wide net. You don’t know what Tillie is into.


Interest refers to a stage following awareness. This is where you’ve stoked the flame a bit. Someone wants to hear what you have to say. That’s awesome! Interest phase is when product education occurs in traditional sales and advertising. A demo, or discussion occurs to discuss the product in a more direct fashion between parties.


Desire refers to a point where the customer realizes that your service (music) is a good fit for them. Desire also refers to a stage where the customer has committed to learning a bit more. So, in our sphere that means we’ve had someone join our mailing list, or follow us on social media.

From there, be sure to wow and dazzle in these public spaces. You’ll find you make more, lifelong, diehard fans. By wow and dazzle, you only need keep these things current to meet the need here. Stay on top of this and the frequency you send things to your mailing list. Also, always keep social media accounts current. Even better, use them! There’s good stuff to watch on there.


Action is the final stage of A.I.D.A. You’ve mitigated any concerns. This person’s sold on you. Now, don’t disappoint! There’s not much more to do from here then get them aligned with you and your brand and keep them entertained!

Makes enough sense, right?!

Fourth!! Music Ads !!!


You need to step outside yourself for a moment when pondering angles for new music ads. This I because you need to realize you are the commodity. You’re selling stuff, like it or not. That stuff happens to be you.

What Does That Mean?

Get over your trepidation! If you’re bothering/willing to run music ads then you must be dang sure you have a bang-up musical product to present. I’ll assume you do! With that being the case, you’re the S**t. Now, display that! You’ve earned the right to talk the talk, so use it.

As always, please feel welcome to contact Chuck with any questions in regard to music marketing, music business or artist P.R. Be well!

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