Audience Discovery In 2021

Audience Discovery In 2021

Audience Discovery

Audience Discovery In 2021

This is something you will be on the hunt for the duration of your music career. In plain English it means doing a bit of research in order to uncover those who will enjoy your art. It’s not that you want to exclude anyone in favor of music marketing efforts. There’s folks who will be into what you are doing more than others as an upcoming artist. One of the hardest things to do is locate these individuals when even they don’t know who you are yet.

Finding Your Fanbase

Make Use Of This Set Of Audience Data As The First Steps To Finding Your New Audience!

Audience discovery starts with honest work. Before you ask, “What does someone who would like me ALSO be interested in?” Try, “What am I interested in?” If you’ve been honest in your product development and it is resonating your unique brand, this challenging task will be much more scalable.

Audience discovery also starts with self-reflection. Before you ask the public, “What do you want from me?” Look within your brand and explore who your target audience is made up of. If you’ve been honest in your work and it emanates your unique brand, this will be a relatively easy task to accomplish. Read on to find out how!

Creating an Audience discovery report starts with honest work. Before you ask, “What does someone who would like me ALSO be interested in?” Try, “What am I interested in?” If you’ve been honest in your product development and it is resonating your unique brand, this challenging task will be much more scalable. Other digital marketing tools can try to unroot that audience on a technical level. But nothing is as effective as stone cold facts. Facts in finding a specified audience are your greatest ally. Trust only what’s on paper and disregard estimation.

My Recommendation For Audience Discovery?

Make a list! What do you enjoy? Start with 5 general topics you like that are NOT music related. Then try to think up 5 that are. Finally, focus on your brand in relation to your own personal interests. If staying true to your brand, this correlation is easy to draw.

How? Consider one word interests and keep things both simple and general while finding this new audience . While drafting this, I happened to select what I ‘liked’ as the word ‘watch’. I always find well coordinated visuals a stunning feat. Based on this interest I jotted down 5 things i like to watch.

Your one word may be ‘read’. Cool! What do you like to read? You may like to run and hobbies are as good an interest here as any. Why do you like running?

My list had many more items but in the interests of time it all boiled down to 4 interests of mine. LCD Soundsystem, the Works of Stanley Kubrick, South Park and Radiohead.

After Uncovering Your Own Interests Audience Discovery Can Truly Begin!

What’s even better is that social media has made the next steps so simple. It’s a little bit of a walk to get there but hang in with me and you’ll be bookmarking this page before you know it.

Audience Discovery was previously but both lead to the first URL. Music marketing was never so easy, with these sites handing us demographic information! Please begin there and select Create an Ad to continue.

Audience Discovery

This Would Be The Screen That Follows

I’d recommend selecting ‘Get More Website Visitors’ as a starting point. It is in the middle row and furthest to the right.


Above is an actual music promotion campaign ran for a recent single release. What we choose to enter for this ‘website’ we’d like visitors to head to is actually negligible for audience discovery in this moment. We’re more interested in what’s further down the page.

Audience Discovery

This Section Is The Literal Audience Discovery – Targeting

Labeled ‘Audience,’ is exactly what we were seeking! You’ll notice the top option down is selected by default and is labeled, ‘People you choose through targeting’. Since this targeting option is already selected for us (as indicated by the blue dot to the right hand side) we see a prompt directly below. This is labeled ‘Audience Details’. Click the pencil icon to the right – hand side of the screen so you may edit these audience details.


This is the pop – up which shows once we do select ‘Edit’

You DO need to select a territory first under Locations, as seen here –

Global Targeting

Keep It Local

Plenty of megalomania to be had with time. For now, we’re just getting our toes wet, so start small. You’ll find this ad center to have more information than you may expect.

More Global

Now what about this picture do you think is driving me nuts to look at?! If you take a look at the highlighted rectangle above, two key lines of text are selected. Our ‘potential reach’ is 230,000,000 people – two-hundred-and-thirty-million people – Pretty big! The audience selection is also ‘fairly broad’. I’d say that is an understatement, yes.

What’s The Problem?

If you were a superstar this size may make sense for you. Remember, we’re starting small. This number is household name status. There’s a predicament now – We need to trim down this number! Let’s discuss why. Take particular note of what the red rectangle highlights.


Next to a search query box for ‘Detailed Targeting’ we have browse. Click that! Another pop-up generates –

Detailed Targeting

Before anything else, select the option for ‘Interests’ toward the top.

As I start typing in ‘LCD’ below, the full band name shows as an option to choose from. Within the confines of the geographical space you created, your search will be filtered. It will include, in this instance, folks in the United States who have listed ‘LCD Soundsystem’ as someone they are interested in (within their Facebook profile).

Further, if I type in South Park (remember the correlation we drew between my similar interests above) we can add an extra filter to the search. Meaning, we will see folks from the United States who have listed BOTH LCD Soundsystem as an interest, as well as, South Park.

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