What Is Music Marketing ?

What Is Music Marketing?

We find the reason for why we are here today! Music Marketing, if explaining as 101 as able, is the strategic plan to take music to an audience. For a short sentence, that previous one sure encompasses a lot. One could infer lots of pragmatic steps they should take upon reading it.

Topics that stand out reading those words, "Strategic plan to take music to an audience," could range from the quality of the music, to writing your own unique artist bio and all the way through marketing your back catalog.

And We'll Get There Together :)

I can see why this is the place to start! Before actually diving in. I just want to remind you - You've got this. If Limp Bizkit was a thing I'm certain you can be above that bar. . If you have absolutely no idea who I am talking about - First, Geez, I. Am. Old. And two, go ask your parents.

"What in the holy frijole am I doing here? I'm in over my head,"

Is what will flash in your mind's eye occasionally. You need to take this feeling, throw a potato sack over its head and club it to a bloody death. CONFIDENCE is key here. Even notorious 'loner' musicians such as Eliott Smith (to give an example) knew their skill set sat in in music more so than anywhere else. Eliott Smith may have absolutely hated himself. But, that doesn't mean the Guy didn't know he was a fantastic singer/songwriter/guitarist/etc. You're here because you've made an important decision with your future. You finally know what you want to be when you grow up! It's a defiant decision to aim for music, actually. One that others will make fun of. You will know better and ignore this. Why? Because of your confidence in the arts. Namely music. 

With this confidence in your craft, why does the same not apply to you?

You'll hear me repeat the next until you're nauseous as well, but I firmly believe it. Get over this notion of, "I feel awkward about selling myself." To be really blunt, we don't have the time for it. Whenever I begin to feel awkward I remember the fact that there is NO shame in being compensated for exercising your natural skill. People make their living's every day by performing tasks they are ... naturally good at. Doctors, Mechanics, Computer Engineers. They get by on the fact they are good at something. Somewhere along the line the folks paying musicians slipped this fact under the rug while we were too busy rockin' out. 

It's When We Marry The Two Terms 

We are going to define the reason we are meeting today and going forward. I'm not even talking about something in-depth like strategy or advertising. We're looking first at the etymology of the words that make up the subject for this entire course.

Music Is defined as, "Sounds that are arranged in a way that is pleasant or exciting to listen to. People sing music or play it on instruments," according to the Oxford Learners Dictionaries.

Marketing is defined as, “The activity of presenting, advertising and selling a company’s products or services in the best way.” This is according to the Oxford Learners Dictionaries.

Now That You've Taken A Deep Breath..

You're here because you've made a serious decision about your future. Music is not a hobby for you. If it is, this will not a course you enjoy very much. If you're ready to get into the really nerdy stuff, sick of all the smoke and mirrors and ready to get your hands dirty ... Well, you're sounding like a Musician already ... And it's my pleasure to be speaking with you. 

In Addition, Do Not Forget