Anxiety Rock _ Chuck W_

Anxiety Rock was released August of 2021 as a 'world tour' of sorts. During a time of lockdown, I was lucky enough to amass this set of tracks with friends from around the Globe. Since there could be no physical tour, I intended to bring it to you with the aid of amazing musicians from Australia, the United States, Colombia/Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Brazil


  1. Anxiety Rock (Featuring ExceptionCodeInfinity)

  2. Spring In My Step

  3. Driving (Featuring Synthador)

  4. Droplets

  5. When You're In (Featuring DontMessWithJuan)

  6. P.R.E.S. Off

  7. P.R.E.S. On (Featuring Captain Ghostnote)

  8. Taking That Hike 

  9. Error State (Featuring Four Apples)

  10. Not Today

  11. Dance of Hinges (Featuring A.G.M.)

  12. One Sound 

  13. Beaten With Hammers (Featuring Chris Lody)

  14. Voices

  15. Dead Flowers (Featuring Gustavo Prado)

Master - Dan Fur Productions

Chuck W.  Song In Every Six

The Song In Every Six Series began as a joke and is hastily approaching the release of its 15th volume. Each 'volume' is released on a rolling, forty-five day basis. 

Why? Two reasons. 

1. To stay sharp and hold myself accountable.

2. As an algorithmic and marketing experiment. The idea is to frequently achieve playlisting under Spotify's 'New Release Radar'.

With a consistent release schedule, their proprietary A.I. system B.A.R.T. somewhat rewards you. By following this schema one can increase traction and upwards momentum for the entire brand.