From Chuck W. 

'Get Your Shit Together!' flexes Weird and Lo-fi. It is a twitch inducing, synthesizer rant that will split you ear to ear. The best part? I think it still holds up to material produced following its release.

[Experimental / Electronic] (2019) 

My first album is an anti-music jaunt that displays both a curiosity and passion for atonality, as well as structure and melody. This record is mixed dirty as hell and with a vast majority of tracks migrated from the phone app, "Caustic App For Android".


[Experimental / Electronic] (2020)

A brooding vision of an ominous future. One that only confinement and cabin fever could manifest. Manifest in the mind’s eye of the captive subject. That is, until this ominous future, quite literally, becomes reality for each and every living soul.

Then 'Small World' was born into the public view on 2/10/2020. My second LP is frankly messed up. I wanted it that way. I wanted to give a perspective. What it was like watching everything around you fall to nothing. It fell and fell, until eventually there was a bottom. That bottom hits hard and scrambles your bits a tad.

'Small World' was constructed with the use of; A fair amount of Caustic App for Android, a real oddball sample pack used on the Korg Volca Sample, some spiffy Moog Mother 32 patches, and a Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer. This is all in addition to some good old fashioned micro cassette loops, digital samples and re-dubbed magnetic tape!

Mr. Mike O'Cull had this to say about an early Small World Single; "Experimental electronic artist Chuck W. colors way outside the lines on his new single “The First Road to Small World.” Working from his kitchen table studio in Amityville, New York, Chuck crafts expressive synth-based soundscapes that communicate his internal fears and anxieties about life in an abstract yet profound way."


Released 5/27/2020, Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism EP is the Chuck W. Attempt at a ‘happy’ record. I still contemplate whether I achieved that, but the result in approach that never forgets it’s downright awkward predecessors.

Fellow Musician from Australia, Matt Hodges, had this to say about 'Heavy Metal Dust Bunny Cynicism': "Very catchy, a good entry point to Chuck W.'s world. Favorite track: 'Dust'.

Upstream Indie  was also kind enough to host an amazingly pleasant interview with me about this EP and my background. For this I thank them immensely! 


hmdbc2 cover.png

Contrary to its preceding E.P., 'HMDBC II', uses no software instrumentation. The only software used on 'HMDBCII' was for post production in regards to balancing and effects. Everything else heard is thanks to the following Synthesizers and hardware -

Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother), Moog Mother 32, AI006 Module by AI Synthesis, Behringer Stomp Box Effects Pedals, Korg SQ-1 sequencer, MS20-mini and Make Noise 0-Coast. Digital interface; Motu 8 PREand 2020 Macbrook Pro running Logic Pro x 10.5

Fellow Musician from Denmark, Atlas Castle, said the following of 'HMDBCII': "Chuck is definitely one of my favourite music scientists when it comes to experimental electronic with attitude."


Since July of 2019, Chuck W. delivers a wide vision. A Tense Stroll In The Park is both completely on-brand with past oddities and froths with aspects of experimentation. At the same time, this EP is a maturation for the solo artist. More defined and structured. Music theory used by the dark side of the force (Not seen in this format on Spotify). 

Very representative of the times 'A Tense Stroll In The Park' is just that. A record whose paranoia pokes its head in when most unwelcome. There's still some otherwise upbeat and melodic aura surrounding it, the tension contained will fill to burst. Then, it releases again into a barrage of synths, noise, ambience, horns, woodwinds and other instruments who are troublesome to annunciate. 


Check out this interview with Muzique magazine, where we discuss the EP! 


'Anxiety Rock' is the 6th studio album from Chuck W. Whereas normally Chuck is a solo artist, this collaborative album can be viewed as something which is not quite a band/group. But, we definitely cannot call it a solo album.

That’s because Anxiety Rock sports a map of artists’ home countries which spans the globe. Partnering with fellow musicians from The U.S., U.K., Canada, Russia, Australia, Japan, and Brazil, Colombia, Chuck W. Took us on a tour of sorts. When the Globe had to slow down, and everyone drifted from one another a tad, this album brought the Continents together and I could not be more proud of the result.​