Get More Listens Dot Com was a music marketing consultative and educational service I attempted to incorporate as a business of my own. It took a lot of time. In the end, I noticed I was far from done and my music was suffering because of it. That last part could not stand. 


As I recorded Anxiety Rock it became clear to me that I could not compete. There were dudes out there like Damian Keyes who seasoned, well spoken and most importantly extremely well funded. I didn’t stand a chance! And now I was behind on the fake schedule, on which I was already behind on! 


It became too much pressure that I was applying to only myself, over this idea nearly only I was aware of. In reviewing the material, I love it. I wish I’d had this stuff available to me starting out. 


For that reason, Get More Listens Dot Com has a new home at Chuck W Dot Com, free of charge. Please pardon me if some things read a little unusual. I was intending to teach this material as a class but if you spot anything flagrantly wrong, always feel welcome to contact me. 


It will be up in full over the course of the next few months, so thanks for the patience. And I promise , for the price, it’s soooo worth it. 


Thanks for the read!