Plainly stated, I am a person who likes to help people.

In New York State One must be 16 years of age to acquire limited working papers. Growing up we didn't have much. If I wanted anything that was not a necessity it was up to me to save.


I still recall my Father driving me to teach my first drum lessons when I was hardly a teen. I even remember the rate! $15 for 45 minutes. That didn't matter. It felt cool knowing and explaining something you were good at.

At 17 came my first 'real' job. I was a cashier and 'cart-guy' at the local super market. I started to see the full potential helping people would have on my life here. Prior to your first job you're fairly sheltered. You understand when and what to do for those closest to you. Not until working this position had I understood everyone HAD unique needs, like how much they can carry in a grocery bag, for example.

It dawned on me quick what the solution was. Active listening. Without it, you're not going to find much success in the customer service field. 

Active listening is not only a way to help customers.  The company as a whole benefits when their employees listen actively. 

In the moment, it may be hard to suppress some natural impatience. Our lizard brains love instant gratification. But, if you take that additional second to go the extra mile, you'll find in the long run you've streamlined everything.


People who move a bit slow will get timely help, resulting in their swift transactions. Subsequently, more people who move at a more rapid pace can complete their transactions in this time window. What previously took ten minutes can now take five. Five people can complete checkout in the time it previously took to wrap up three orders. 

It Is Always About The Bigger Picture

Customer Service


In Customer Service 

Cablevision Systems

  • Awarded quarterly for excellence in customer service while working for Cablevision Systems.

    • The Corporate office was kind enough to hold a luncheon for top performers which I always enjoyed attending.

  • Promoted from Customer Service Representative Tier I to Tier III within eighteen months of initial hire. 

  • Beta tester for unreleased proprietary software.

  • Personally selected to aid training team with regard to call center new hires and side by side coaching. 

  • Always met or excelled in all K.P.I. categories.

Compliancy Group

  • Director of Customer Service and Product Implementation

    • ​Aid the S.M.B. medical facility, or health clinic through the process of implementing their H.I.P.A.A. (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance policies and procedures via proprietary SaaS application. 

    • Aid healthcare space Vendors (Cybersecurity, Business Associate) in implementing proper policies and procedures to adhere to their obligations under the H.I.P.A.A. Security Rule (45 CFR Part 160 and Subparts A and C of Part 164.).​

  • I hold certification as a C.H.P., or Certified H.I.P.A.A. Professional. 

  • Account manager for over 1,000 clients before overseeing a team of four.

  • Responsible for training, training materials, guides and new hire performance.

    • The training program which I developed is still in use by the company today.

  • Database and CRM Management.

    • With oversight of executive team, I aided in the overhaul of client tagging structure within InfusionSoft.

  • Built customer help center / knowledgebase in HTML/WordPress.

  • Retention stood at a steady 98% during my five year tenure.