Brand Cultivation

Brand Cultivation is the seventh module of the Get More Listens Dot Com Core Curriculum. It is a very in depth guide to Artist Branding. As I was researching this section, it became difficult to find adequate resources. Upon discovering this, I decided to close this gap. In turn, I've gone far above and beyond, creating a comprehensive BIBLE on branding.

Before You Begin To Read This Section

Please know that this is the most important thing about branding; If you are being honest in your work and with yourself about who you are, branding will be a walk in the park for you. It will become an emulation of the vibe you already put out into the universe. Make it a fun one!

It's When Dishonesty Approaches

That artist branding can take a punch to the jaw. You have to keep up a persistent lie. Personally, I'm a lousy liar. Happen to just wear my honesty on my sleeve, I suppose. For that reason, my 'brand' is just . . . me. I have a pretty good understanding of my art and where I'd like to take it. And THAT is my brand. Honest, admittedly whacky, colorful and outlandish. All are also adjectives I can envision using in my private life.

I hope you find this useful, thank you for reading and I'll see you on the next call!

This Brand Cultivation Module Consists Of 5 Key Points Of Discussion

As always, contact Chuck with any questions in regards to music marketing, music business or anything at all to do with the core curriculum.

Best of luck and thanks for reading through! See you next call!