Anxiety Rock Press Page

EDMHoney announced my release right about the same time as when I did! Awesome!

In Atypical fashion for a press page, we will use this collaborative album, 'Anxiety Rock', as a way to glimpse inside the creative process.

Below, I’ve written about my experiences creating these tracks. I was also fortunate enough to receive my fellow artists’ take on crafting their parts.


Thanks in advance for reading.

Exception Code Infinity


Our Title Track

For this collaborative effort features Australian artist, Exception Code Infinity. ECI is a very laid back person. When I approached him he was honest. He didn’t like what I’d slated as an ECI track. He’d given it a fair shot to make it his own, but it wasn’t a fit. I took a chance with what I sent him next. And the result sets us full tilt into hype mode, before we even know it’s time for this album to get kickin’! 

In Exception Code Infinity's Own Words

“There is never a dull moment on the web when you follow Chuck W. He’s got this crazy, quirky sound that is one of a kind and he’s always up to something.


So when Chuck W. contacted me for a collab I was stoked! But also a bit worried. What crazy musical artifacts was he going to send me? Would I be able to raise my game and work with him?”

He continues, “Well, first time round it turns out I couldn’t, but, I needn’t have worried!


Chuck was happy to work with me until we found something that clicked and this track is the result!”

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Anxiety Rock

A dancy little number to follow up the hype-filled, ECI, one kicking things off. Spring In My Step is a tune entirely composed on the Elektron Digitakt. The song earns it’s name from the clarity and cleanliness of an arrangement one can create with this instrument.

Spring In My Step

spring in my step.png

That's The Technical Explanation . .

As far as the emotional element to Spring In My Step; Like many of Anxiety Rock’s tracks it’s hoping to maybe reach the point of having some hope. . . . If that makes sense. The song has a bounce to it, not dissimilar to the same optimism I wish I can send in an outward facing direction. Do I achieve this? None too sure. The song waivers on the same uncertainty.


Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 5.51.40 AM.png


This track had the fortunate addition of new pal, Synthador! In pure and brazen Luchador fashion, he wrestled this track to the ground in no time flat. In the matter of an evening, the stems were back in my inbox and I was told we were all good. Revisions would be overkill. And dang if we hasn’t right! Because he nailed this lil synth wave jaunt in, oh, the span of about twelve hours (at most!)?

In Synthador's Own Words

“In a collaboration, Synthador always goes for the early pin, 1, 2, 3! Chuck provided incredible stems with even more incredible moments. Synthador locked up the high spots, looped them, and drove them to the mat. All it took was one more tag-out for mixing and a new champion track was crowned!”

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Anxiety Rock

The piano heard entering around twenty seconds might be my favorite part of this one. It was a rather late addition to this song’s melody. And I’m very grateful to have this Atonal and polyrhythmic line kick off ‘the weird’ for this track in such a seemingly straight-forward manner. It resonates further as the the melody from before enters the ethereal space, circa one minute, twenty seconds.



Bell-like sounds drenched in saturation comprise the other-worldly nature of the song. Another minute goes by. 2:20. A trumpet is heard repeating the same run as before. And, why not? A mix of a lot of hardware and even more software, this song will keep you moving throughout! 

Don't Mess With Juan

when youre in.png

When You're In

The wonderful Don’t Mess With Juan took time from her insane schedule to join the Anxiety Rock family as well. In true badass fashion, DMWJ swooped in and completed her part in a matter of … maybe. … 2 days? At most ..? I was so impressed at the quality of her addition and interpretation. It wasn’t hard to decide which track would be the first single for the album. When You’re In warrants display from a particular mantelpiece thanks to the fantastic contribution by DMWJ. 

In Don't Mess With Juan's Own Words

“It was so much fun to jump in on Chuck’s project and let myself go into a song without barriers. It got me out of my typical songwriting mold. The song instantly inspired me melodically and I’m really happy with this experimental, out-of-the-box result. I’m honored he would want this one to be a single, what a treat!! Thanks Chuck!!”


DMWJ lyrics 3.png
DMWJ lyrics 4.png
DMWJ lyrics 11.png

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Anxiety Rock

P.R.E.S. Off

P.R.E.S. Off is the predecessor to P.R.E.S. On (as performed with Captain Ghostnote), believe it or not. This batch of files marks the original song sent TO the Captain the create our Dance track. The original project was a weird, experimental number. It’s assembled with sampled bits from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio. The Station begun in 1950’s Poland under Communist Russian rule whose theme was pervasive in my release with Captain Ghostnote. This track is much less polished, far less groovy and interesting nevertheless! 


Captain  Ghostnote


P.R.E.S. On

One of the most laidback and fun experiences I’ve ever had working really hard on a song. Only Captain Ghostnote can shine such a light! And I really, really mean it! He is a curious and gentle soul at all times. It reflects in his personality, music and everything that emanates from him. No one is kinder, or more supportive. Last, no one is DOWNRIGHT FUNKIER ! We call him The Captain for a reason! Please enjoy his unique touch, which is happily featured all over P.R.E.S. On. Thank you for being you, Captain Ghostnote! 

In Captain Ghostnote's Own Words

“P.R.E.S. On was an exhilarating collab! 1 + 1 can add up to 3, sometimes… Working with Chuck on this track was so much fun! The unpredictability and smile factor were off the charts, for sure. It’s like stepping on board a train heading, no one knows where, very rapidly.”

Captain continues, “Chuck’s so creative, driven and motivated that half the time you have trouble keeping up. I took a crash course speaking ‘Chuck’ and this track proves I passed. He turns any old bleak track into a buzzing, shining and dynamic roller coaster ride that you shouldn’t take without a safety check… Following this otherworldly and inimitable artist brings the sparkle to your timelines!”

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Anxiety Rock

Taking That Hike


I have said this before and am sure I will for, who knows how many years to come. There is an app out there. Yes, a phone app. This app blows all the tech we think we know out of the water. It is the best $9 you can ever hope to spend on a phone app and is a fully functioning D.A.W. directly in your pocket. I have prominently featured this app, titled Caustic, in an approximate 75% of my works. I’d thank it’s versatility and availability for this. I’m glad I used it to construct Taking That Hike. Taking That Hike is about bailing. Saying, ‘Well, this is shot,’ and moving on. For better, or worse. You hope better. Most likely it will be the same. Is that exactly worse? Yes, yes, it is. 

Four Apples

Error State

Error State.png

Four Apples is always a blast to work with. A true batch of artists in every sense. They make they music they want, as it comes to them, in whatever manner they like. What happens, happens! Their catalog is prolific in it’s enormity in a way which can only illicit respect. Language barriers be damned, Four Apples proved my theory that the music is the EASIEST part of international collaboration. That part came second nature and with hardly any discussion. It’s my honor to have performed this along with them and I implore you to check them out! 

Four Apples In Their Own Words

” ‘Error State‘ was created when our friend Chuck W. invited us for a collaboration. We created the beats and more acid-sounding bass lines to match the speed Chuck wanted.”

“The disturbing ambient sound mixed in with the acid bass line is just like an error situation. A no-win, glitchy scenario. And we feel the track has progressed great! Particularly, we enjoyed the sounds reminiscent of older video games. Chuck has really done something special here and we invite you all to please listen!”

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Anxiety Rock

Not Today

AI technology used for it’s most  unintended of purposes! To serve as my vocalist! See, I can’t sing. I respect the general public enough to not subject them to such horrors. Lucky for them! Instead, utilizing Text To Speech technology, I wrote up some quick lyrics. From there, I added them to the application, selected the most appropriate voice and dialed them into the song. They were even more robotic than the end product. Through a myriad of hours layering, eq’g, compressing and effecting the voices across multiple tracks we almost achieved something near-human. Exactly where I feel most comfortable leaving this track, actually. A little bit curious, a little mysterious, and cold but not completely devoid of emotion.

Not Today Track Art.png


Lyrics robo voice song 12.png
lyrics robo song 22.png


dance of hinges.png

Dance OF Hinges

I’ve lurked around AGM’s Instagram page since about the time I started an account. In the past we’d exchanged emojis of *thumbs up*, or *high five*, to express appreciation for each other’s work. However, a significant language barrier proved quite the nuisance. It was a nuisance. That is until I flubbed my way through enough Google Translate to get a point over to AGM.

From there, as it always does, music exemplified that it is all the ‘language’ required. It sounds cheesy, but this idea is yet to prove me wrong when working with any person who does not speak English natively. Once we catch what each others’ vision is, it’s set, and we’re off! Same happened here and I’m honored to have developed this track with AGM!

In AGM’s Own Words

AGM expressed that he felt like he was taking a class in communication because at Home he is comfortable speaking Russian. Working on Anxiety Rock forced him to communicate clearly. At Home he says he does not, “Communicate so competently.” Frankly, there was no other way to see the track through to completion. That is, without him stretching his English knowledge a bit we were dead in the water, since Chuck knows less Russian than he does English (Believe it or not!).

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Anxiety Rock

One Sound

one sound.png

One Sound received its title with assistance from the marvelous Arturia Collection. It’s line of plug-ins ensnare me with each update and variation released! More specifically, we can thank their soft-synth clone of the Behringer Arp 2600 for numerous takes and tracks heard within One Sound. It really is super versatile, with a zillion out of the box presets. And it only becomes more fun once you start turning digital knobs and pressing buttons.

Chris Lody

Beaten With Hammers .png

Beaten With Hammers

Chris Lody was kind enough to lend a hand to the track entitled Beaten With Hammers. It was a real treat to work with Chris finally! We’ve palled around and discussed music for ages now. I was flattered when he took me up on my offer to collaborate on Anxiety Rock. I knew his abilities would make for a unique song, but I can’t say I was expecting the direction! What I find funny is that, within this massive and Global effort, us two Average Joe’s have crafted the album’s most heinous and noisy arrangement. Or, maybe it’s extremely befitting that the most industrial and grunge-y track came from us! You tell me and we thank you for listening! 

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Anxiety Rock



Voices is one of my personal favorites to make the Anxiety Rock cut! I like it for its structure. As opposed to some more free-form structures found on releases past, Voices is very defined. This is not to say earlier works lacked meaning or substance. Music theory, interestingly enough, is always the compass guiding any song to completion for me. The difference heard within Voices is I took notes. Crazy, right?

When I first opened this project file after dragging it from the shelf something stood out in an immediate fashion. It was laden with notes, as touched on above. Full chord structures, with the keys and in-between/transitional notation were listed. Oh, my! Finding this information easily led to a swift transformation from jam to full song. Its such a revolutionary songwriting approach, I may just use it in the future! Notes.. Hm.. Notes…

Gustavo Prado

Dead Flowers

dead flowers.png

Gustavo Prado is the kind of gentle Soul one hopes to collaborate with. Contemplative and kind, his touch on, Dead Flowers, is sharp and distinct. Diving full-fledged with me into ‘the weird’, He never hesitated to forge further into odd sonic territories. For his patience, and his ability, I applaud him. We hope for this to be the first of many collaborative releases shared between the two of us.

In Gustavo's Own Words

Working with Chuck is easy and enjoyable! We always challenge ourselves to seek the best result for the sounds we’re crafting. Also, doing this song with Chuck opened the door to meeting other musicians; Those without vanities, inflated egos, and who know that only the sound matters. Thank you very much for listening! I hope it is the first song of many!

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Anxiety Rock Album Tracklist (2).png

Track List

  • Anxiety Rock (Featuring Exception Code Infinity)

  • Spring In My Step

  • Driving (Featuring Synthador)

  • Droplets

  • When You’re In (Featuring Don’t Mess With Juan)

  • P.R.E.S. Off

  • P.R.E.S. On (Featuring Captain Ghostnote)

  • Taking That Hike

  • Error State (Featuring Four Apples)

  • Not Today

  • Dance Of Hinges (Featuring AGM)

  • One Sound

  • Beaten With Hammers (Featuring Chris Lody)

  • Voices

  • Dead Flowers (Featuring Gustavo Prado)

Chuck_W_Anxiery_Rock_R2 (2).jpg

About Audio Engineer Dan Fur

This marks the fifth studio album Canadian Engineer, Paul Blandford, has made presentable, shiny and clean sounding. This is among god knows how many singles have been mastered by his hand as well. All but one record has been polished by Dan. I really don’t want to have it any other way. Congratulations on passing fifty registered works with me as of this production, pal! To fifty more ! 

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