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Well, Here's How I Presently Explain What I'm Doing . . 

Hi! My name is Chuck W. and I am a Neo-Psychedelic / Experimental Electronic artist hailing from NY, NY. This is my story and I’m sticking to it – 

I’ve been a Musician all my life and it's one thing on this crazy Planet I do understand. For this there's only one person to thank. My mother found my first drum kit in the garbage. The truck to the dump was not more than 2 blocks away. She fished it right from the can. 

Upon snagging it, she got me lessons and talk of quitting became heresy. I'm eternally grateful she took such a staunch position. Otherwise, I'd never developed the thick skin everything within this industry requires. 

Fast forward a little bit and we're in the awkward teen years. By now music was not something I took on with a laissez-faire attitude. I’d skip lunch, bail on friends and be late to work for 5 more minutes on the marimba. This laser focus sharpened my chops. Enough I was able to work my way into a traditional Percussion program at a pretty darn good University. I had everything I’d worked for, but was still let down … 

Responsibility for this lies on the shoulders of those who teach it. It gets delivered in a cold, stern and unwelcoming fashion. It is also instructed the same way as it was 6-800 years ago. The syllabus hasn't changed in a millenia? They teach to the book and I did not have one professor I felt actually liked music. Teaching seemed like a chore to them, to me, oh my gosh, a freaking SNORE!!! 

At the same time, I’d made many friends within the University Film Department. Here I am, struggling to even use campus resources as a Freshman. Now, if you look completely 180 to myself you will notice the film department sits opposite the music. Any time I glance over at the few friends I'd made in that program they're having an absolute blast! These lucky $#$#'s were able to express themselves. The independent way I longed for. They would shoot whatever they wanted. It was all digital by then anyway, so it didn't matter hiw long a take was. Most important, they had autonomy and FAR less people breathing down their necks. This was all the push I needed to say, “Yep, think I’m headed that way.” I dived in with no experience, never having touched a camera and now hold my degree in Film. 

Music never stopped being the absolute focal point, though. 

Fast forward AGAIN! – This time a good twenty years. The world turns upside down and stops all at once. In June of '19 some genius in a car 2x the size of mine ran through a stop sign. I was the thing you'd be stopping for. Another moving motor vehicle. Nope, not him! He said you don't want that car payment anyway! ... And wiped me the F--- out. 

He hit me on the passenger side. Thank whomever there was no passenger. That person would no longer be with us. The force of the impact was strong enough that I came close to losing my right arm. 

Needless to say, playing drums was over. A lifetime of work, flushed. Rather than becoming a sob story, though, I refused. Instead of ceasing to play, I learned to adapt. Stopping was not a thought that ever dawned on me. I just kind of continued to do my thing 

What's funny is before all the accident business, I'd never released any of my own material. I realized very quickly that I came close to no one EVER ever hearing any of it. I need to serve as mouthpiece. If I'm not here to place the stuff right under everyone's noses, who will? Since I'm not van Gogh I don't expect any posthumous parades in honor of my work, haha. In other words, it was time to get to work. 

So, one armed, battered, broken. I stumbled my way through and feel now I'm very much coming into my own and writing exactly what I'd hoped to have been. 

I surprise dropped my album, HMDBC II, in July 2020 and cannot be more elated with how it turned out. As an artist, I like to embrace ‘the weird,’ as I call it. HMDBC II definitely does that. It is my fourth album in 365 days (That's a fact! I’m not sure how it happened either.) and all hardware based. 

There’s no soft synths, the foundation of its preceding EP. From the start this is Atypical from Chuck W. His material is always a blend of software and hardware. . .Our first red flag has been risen! This is nothing like the rest of Chuck's catalog and things are about to get WEIRD in here. 

Either way, I do hope you enjoy and the mere fact you’d give it a listen does mean the world to me. 

Currently, Chuck resides in Forest Hills, NY. His studio used to be his kitchen table, stacked with enough patch cords to reign in a full-grown Bull. Now, he has a dedicated room with enough patch cords to reign in a full-grown Bull. He may be thirty-two now, but he’s only getting started. Chuck's building his catalog fast! You can only expect to see more and more material crank out of that studio. And, hey, if you like oddball material get in on the bandwagon early! Might as well, right?

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